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The South Beach Collection (8" x 8")

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Boden H

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Kasbah Excalibur

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Kasbah Washed Denim

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Tangier Blues

Patchwork Tile (8" x 8")

Available for shipment in the US immediately upon payment. Minimum total order of 30 square feet (mix any patterns of in-stock tiles, whole boxes only). Call or e-mail to order, get a sample, or check available quantity.

Call us or email to order.

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All patterns depicted are available as custom tile using our South Beach Collection color palette. You can ensure availability and choose your own colors with custom tile if your schedule can permit 10-14 weeks for production and delivery. While our custom tile does have a slightly different price schedule, pricing is similar, and sometimes lower with custom tile. Custom tile requires a 50 square foot minimum order (small order fees may apply below 100 square feet).


Cement tiles show variation in the same batch. Cement tiles will not be identical from piece to piece. Colors will vary. This is a result of the handmade process and the nature of cement. Mixing tiles from different boxes is recommended to achieve a balanced, naturally rich appearance.

See installations that showcase the rich variation of cement tile.

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Cement Tile 5 out of 5 based on 28 user reviews. Collected independently on Houzz.

Cement Tile 5 out of 5 based on 28 user reviews.
"They have been a "go-to" for me for years!" - Taylor Borsari, Inc.
They have been a "go-to" for me for years!

Taylor Borsari, Inc

July 2015

Cement Tile 5out of 5 based on 28 user reviews.
" They have been a "go-to" for me for years! " -Taylor Borsari, Inc.
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